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One of the Best Vlogging Camera – Sony Alpha a6300

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As you all know that becoming a pro Vlogger was one of my greatest passions and for that I can cross any limits to the sky. This day, I was going to make one more addition to my shooting equipment’s list and that was a cool Sony alpha a6300, one of the best vlogging camera. I had been through a great dilemma since the past few days, thus, I searched out on internet and got to know about this exclusive camera which will let me shoot the videos in best quality. So, in this shopping Vlog, I headed on and purchased the all new Vlogging camera!

Sony a6300 India started my journey and headed to my destination and I knew that this camera was surely going to be the best vlogging camera. I had actually shortlisted around 5 cameras, but chose this one, and the story behind this, I will uncover a bit later.

Oh! The roads were actually so crowded and filled with rain water. It’s been 3 days guys, and it’s raining like a water tank got spilled from the sky. I had actually waited for a long but as I had to turn up for a photoshoot and had to shoot it to make a vlog, on the upcoming Sunday, I had to get my new camera as soon as possible.

So, now after so many complications on the road, I was just one step away from Sony alpha 6300 unboxing! The place where I went was well equipped and sells all sorts of Sony accessories and camera bodies as well. I got my camera & I can’t believe that I was actually holding it in my hands; I was so excited guys that I can’t even explain! So, after buying the camera, I went back to my home!

It has been approximately a week since I had bought this camera. And I waited this long because I needed to test the camera so as to come up with the best review from Sony alpha a6300. Now I was about to start up with the performance of the camera. As I had already shot my photoshoot vlog with this camera, I was quite satisfied as it was the real value for my money making it the best vlogging camera.

Canon 600D India
This was not my first camera eventually, I already had a Canon 600D, however, its performance was a bit dissatisfying as the autofocus in it, isn’t that much great. Whenever I shoot from it, I had to go to manual mode and adjust the focus. But now as I had got this amazing camera and had done the Sony alpha 6300 video test I was really happy and enthusiastic about how my upcoming videos will look. To have the best vlogging setup, I need to have the best vlogging camera. Being a vlogger, my foremost priorities in a camera include its autofocus options, high definition video recording quality, good audio quality, and the capability of recording at 60fps in 1080p while being compact enough with a flip-out screen. However, it was nearly difficult to get all of these in a go; since I had to sacrifice a bit!

As I told you earlier, that before purchasing I shortlisted 5 cameras, so, I will clear it out why I chose Sony a6300 above the other 4! So the cameras which I shortlisted were:

Undoubtedly, all of these were exceptional cameras but there were certain loopholes too. The first two out of these were great for shooting, but don’t feature good sound quality, and even lack the port for attaching external mic. In fact, the Canon G7X mark 2 isn’t yet launched in India. Now coming to Canon 70 D it was a good one no doubt, but it can’t shoot in 60fps 1080 that I actually wanted. So, heading towards Canon 80 D, well, this camera had all my heart and it was the best one. I will surely buy it later on, but for the time being, due to its heavy size, I dropped down the choice of purchasing it.

Now, finally coming to Sony alpha 6300, I bought it for Rs. 66,000 which was quite expensive for me. Still, I think that if it gives me the desired quality, and then I won’t notice the money factor either. The Sony alpha 6300 autofocus was quite excellent and it really gives surprising results in low light conditions, the lens is 16 mm, which is very wide. It can shoot at both 60 fps and 120 fps and thus, was the best in league. It would fulfill my requirements of shooting in slow motion while being compatible with external mic. It was compact enough so I could carry it anywhere with ease, although there was just a single flaw in this camera, and that was its screen. I can’t see myself while Vlogging as it doesn’t rotate to the fullest.

So, this was why I chose Sony alpha 6300 and I was very satisfied with the results. Now coming up to you guys, you people had literally made me feel blessed with all the love and affection that you had showered upon me within a week. I got around 500 subscribers which were nowhere less than a dream.

I literally didn’t have words to explain how I feel. A whole hearty thanks to Wasim bhai as well, for sharing my video and loving it so much. This has literally filled my heart with deep love. So keep showering your love and I will come back with more amazing videos. Till then, support me, like share and subscribe to my channel!

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Mohammed Salim Khan is also known as MSK is a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger and YouTuber from Mumbai, India. He has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 300k followers on Instagram. He started vlogging to travel and explore his love for film-making and soon became one of the best vloggers in India.



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