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Visiting Hajipir Dargah and Lakhpat Fort

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Tourists choose destinations that are famous on social media, travellers choose destinations that are not. Our Kutch Tour targeted such spots in Kutch that people have never seen before.

Ride from White Desert to Hajipir Dargah

Rann Utsav in Rann of Kutch is the most commercial tourist spot in Kutch, or maybe the whole of Gujarat. This is one of the main reasons why we didn’t want to spend a lot of time here and move on to our historical circuit of Kutch, Gujarat.

We had a lot of activities planned for the day. Leaving from the White Desert, we were on the way to Narayan Sarovar. On the way we had to make two big stops – Hajipir Dargah and Lakhpat Fort.

Hajipir Dargah

We left from Rann of Kutch somewhere around 12 pm. After riding for 2 hours we reached Hajipir Dargah. Small shops selling tea, chaadars, and other souvenirs for tourists surround the property.

Travel and tourism buses were also halting there and tourists were buzzing around. A lot of locals were just sitting and chilling around the property.

Hajipir Dargah welcomes people of all castes and religions. Dedicated to a Muslim saint Hajipir (someone who has done the Haj) Hajipir Dargah is in Kutch, Gujarat. Tombs of his descendants are also in the same dargah.

We made a quick visit to the dargah. This was one of the few dargahs that I have visited which allows females to enter the shrine of the tomb. After our visit, we continued our ride to Lakhpat.

Lakhpat Fort

Lakhpat, a small town around 35 kilometers away from Narayan Sarovar, still highlights its historical fort. The town was one of the most important coastal trade cities in the 18th century. It took us around 1-1.5 hours to get from Hajipir Dargah to Lakhpat Fort.

A Gurudwara built in the 16th century is another very famous and important attraction in Lakhpat. Stories say that Guru Nanak stopped here twice during his second and fourth Udasis. Since the Gurudwara was under renovation, we didn’t get a chance to enter inside.

The ruins of the Lakhpat fort are reminders of their thriving past. This fort used to be a major port, and a huge boundary wall shows its glory. There’s only a barren land separating the grounds of Lakhpat and Pakistan.

Camping on Lakhpat Fort

The route didn’t have many options to eat, so we packed some food on the way. Naveen suggested we camp on Lakhpat fort, book a corner under a shade and have lunch on the fort.

The plan was perfect and we had our lunch with a view. Surrounded by walls from the 1800s, and such a deep history, we had our lunch on top of the fort. This spot is particularly stunning at sunset.

We made sure to clear the mess, and not leave any trash. In fact, we cleaned up after us and even threw the garbage that other tourists had left there. The walls have been destroyed by lovers carving hearts and names on them. But the feel and vibe of the place are untouched.

P.S. There are no toilet facilities around the property.

We continued our ride to Narayan Sarovar after spending some peaceful time on the fort. We were shocked to see the beauty of Narayan Sarovar, following a long sunny ride. We still had a few more surprises left for the day.

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