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India’s Luxurious M2M Ferry Ride

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Everything you need to know to hop on the luxurious M2M ferry from Mumbai to Mandwa, Maharashtra.

Mandwa Jetty Maharashtra

If you’re from Maharashtra, most of you must have been to Alibaug. Alibaug is a popular weekend destination in Maharashtra from Mumbai and Pune. However, the ride from Mumbai to Alibaug is not so pleasant.

The tiring ride from Mumbai to Alibaug just got shorter by approximately 3 hours. The M2M ferry sails between Mumbai Port to Mandwa Port in just 1 hour. I wanted to try the Ro-Ro car ferry service which was launched in March 2020 but was anchored because of Covid-19.

M2M Luxurious Ferry from Mumbai to Mandwa

We chose a weekday to ride on the M2M Ferry on my Triumph Tiger, to avoid the crowd. As expected, the ferry is huge with premium class facilities. It starts from Bhaucha Dhakka and ends at Mandwa Port within 60 minutes.

M2M Ferries have different slots throughout the day depending on the number of bookings. You can book your tickets on their website. It runs all days of the week and throughout the year. The staff promised us the ferry ride during rains is incredible. The ship sails whether or not it rains and is operational 365 days a year.

About M2M Ferry

The Ro-Pax (short for Roll-On-Roll-Off-Passenger) Ferry Services in Mumbai comes with a beautiful deck. The interiors are classy with leather seats and café. You can also order drinks at the bar counter on the front deck.

The tickets were only 200/- per person and 300/- per motorbike. It’s not just faster, but also affordable. By road it easily takes 4-5 hours and the road conditions are bad.

M2M Luxury Ferry from Mumbai to Mandwa, Maharashtra

The smaller ferries that sail from Mumbai to Alibaug are more frequent. And you can book them on the spot. However, M2M promises first-class experience with the best option to bring your vehicles along. This is a facility that other ferry operators do not offer.

This ferry service has made it possible for people to bring their vehicles, whether car, bike, or bicycles, on-board and sail easily between Mumbai and Mandwa.  Weekend getaways like Alibaug, Kihim, Kashid, Murud is simply 1 hour away.

Fun Fact About M2M Ferry

What makes it more awesome is that this ship has sailed all the way from Greece to India. It is built to withstand high seas.

Let me know if you have taken the M2M Ferry from Mumbai to Mandwa. If yes, share with us your experience. Until then live your life, live your dream.

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