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My Experience with Cat as a Pet. Owning a Cat in Lockdown.

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This blog is all about my experience with the cat as a pet. Firstly, I am owning not one but two cats. What it feels like to be a father of the most adorable kittens and how to handle them. This blog would probably help many people out there who would be planning of owning a cat.

I adopted 2 kittens in May 2020. They were of 2 months when my friend asked me if I wanted to adopt cats. It’s been a roller coaster ride since then with these tiny monsters.

When did you decide to get a cat as a pet and why?

It was during the novel coronavirus lockdown that I got a call from my friend who asked me if I would be interested to adopt a cat from his cat’s litter. At first, I declined the offer as my schedule is very uncertain because of my travel and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take responsibility. However, I discussed this with my friend who lives with me and I decided that maybe this is not such a bad idea. This could be the opportunity to break free from the negativity. Instead of sticking to my phone, I’d rather babysit cats. I must tell you cat as a pet requires your good attention.

Who are your pets and what did you name your pets?

I adopted 2 kittens of 2 months each. The male cat is called Majnu and the female is Laila. The Indian version of Romeo & Juliet. I actually gave this a lot of thought, I started thinking of cat movies. My options were Snowbell and Monty from Stuart Little, Simba and Nala from Lion King, or Mufasa and Safarina. But my heart was stuck with Laila Majnu as I’m a Bollywood buff and one of my favourite Indian movies Welcome has these characters.

Were you always a cat-person? Have you ever had pet cats before?

Actually, I’m more of a dog person. I love dogs. But we used to have a cat when I was young. His name was Bagheera because he was pitch black like a black panther. He was a stray, but he would religiously come home to eat. Some nights he would sleep with us, otherwise, he would just do whatever he pleased. So having a cat as a pet was always a yes for me.

How tough was it to include cat as a pet in your life and schedule?

Initially, it was very tough. They were too young to understand potty training. They would run around the house and nibble on earphones. They broke a lot of things and the house used to smell of their urine and potty. We were tired of cleaning their mess. You should know that having a cat as a pet can be really worrisome especially when you think about cleanliness.

Not much has changed, we’re just used to them now and accepted our fate.

How is your experience with cats so far?


When I got them, and they were such a menace I thought I’d return them to my friend. But as time flew, I ended up growing fond of their mischiefs. I start missing them when I don’t see them for a long time and wait to get home to play with them. They’re my stressbusters and I start playing with them when my mood is off. I like their little paws walking on my bed when I’m asleep, or they just come and sleep next to me.

A lot of my friends told me that having a cat as a pet can be tough to handle and we have to be very particular. But they were pretty easy. They’re always playing with each other and I don’t have to bother. Also, they’re super moody. So they will come to me when they feel like it. I never thought I would notice such details about anyone or anything before. They always find a new way to irritate us, a new toy, or a new amusement. What used to be our irritation is our entertainment now.

More about your cats.

Laila is like a lady, she likes to be clean, sits elegantly, doesn’t like to be touched, and very moody.

Majnu is like a mischievous school kid. He’s always hogging from Laila’s bowl, annoying her, trying to play with her when she’s not the least bit interested. Very energetic and always ready to play. He sleeps like a drunkard.

Any tips for new cat parents?

First thing is that this is a big responsibility. It’s not a joke. I thought it would be easier and they would clean themselves or something. But this is like babysitting a human child. Spend a lot of time with them to understand their behaviour, their likes, and dislikes. Make a proper eating schedule for them. Buy the necessities and don’t compromise on quality. They can’t speak, you need to have better judgment.

It’s only been 6 months and it feels like 3 years. My decision to adopt cats was huge but has been worth it. Let me know in the comments about your pets or if you have some tips to share with me. I’m still learning. Until then, live your life. Live your dream.

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