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Run to Kutch | Palace Beach Camp in Mandvi

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The last chapter of my Kutch Tour was ending at Mandvi Beach, Gujarat. We started this journey from a city, through white deserts and bhunga and finally the tent. We witnessed changing cultures and lifestyles in one region. India certainly is the most colourful country.

Mandvi Beach

Mandvi beach is approximately 150 kilometers from Narayan Sarovar. We left early in the morning at 6:30 am. The sunrise and foggy ride was the best view of my life. It was freezing, and since I didn’t have my pin-lock on my helmet visor, I had to ride with the visor open.

Mandvi city also had an important integral port. The tales of the skills of Gujarati sailors are still sung by many. Abbas uncle used to be a sailor himself, and can build a ship single-handedly.

Another exciting rendezvous we were extremely lucky to have been able to meet Captain Anuradha Shukla – the only female hovercraft pilot on the Indian Coast Guard. This day was all about living the lives of sailors. Marine-life of a sailor, successes of a female captain of the Indian Coast Guard, and struggles of a Merchant Navy captain.

Vijay Vilas Palace – Palace beach

The Vijay Vilas Palace is an impressive 450-acre palace estate at Mandvi, Gujarat. The palace has a privately-owned beach. They offer accommodation in a tented resort at the beach site. The tented rooms have all the facilities right from furniture to modern bathrooms, television and air-conditioners. The property is beautifully maintained.

They have a beach facing restaurant with open sides. Other facilities like deck-chairs, a play area for kids, barbeque arrangements, are also available.

Beach Camping

With the help of Abbas Uncle, who takes care of the property, we were able to set up the ultimate camp on the beach. Travellers don’t need campsites, we only need a tent, everything else falls in place.

Abbas uncle arranged for food and a bonfire to make our stay comfortable. We slept in the glittering moonlight and woke up to the warmth of the sun and the sound of waves.

Beach camping was the perfect way to end our amazing Kutch circuit. We rode back to Mumbai with a smiling face and heavy hearts. None of us wanted this trip to end. But if this story doesn’t end, how will a new story begin?

We were living our life, living our dream. Until the next adventure, stay in touch. Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this series. I’ll be back with more stories.

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  1. This series of Kutch was just fantabulous, I would like to also thank Poonam mam, who turned this journey into a awesome blog


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